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what we do

The Commission's main role is to fund sport and active leisure organisations and sports clubs in New Zealand.

We work with schools, community clubs, sports organisations, iwi, regional sports trusts and local authorities to create opportunities for all New Zealanders to be active and reach their potential in their chosen sports. We also work with other sports organisations in New Zealand.

We have four priorities for the funds we manage and our own programmes:

  • Young People First - young people are our first priority and our aim is to increase participation and improve skill levels in sport and active leisure among all young people of school age
  • Champions - New Zealand's success in world sports events is well known. In partnership with the New Zealand Sports Foundation we fund our top athletes and sports teams, so that they can compete on the world stage.
  • Coaches Count - our aim is to get better coaching at all levels - from KiwiSport in primary schools through to high performance coaching academies.
  • Push Play is our campaign to get all New Zealanders enjoying and benefiting from physical activity as part of their everyday lives.

The Hillary Commission recognises the Treaty of Waitangi as New Zealand's founding document. We seek to ensure that all organisations receiving our funds are actively promoting opportunities for Maori as participants, leaders, coaches and managers.

He Oranga Poutama provides the Maori dimension for our strategies and the programmes that promote healthy active lifestyles for Maori.

We believe sport and active leisure should be enjoyed by all New Zealanders. Our strategy No Exceptions aims to help New Zealanders with a disability enjoy the best of what sport has to offer.

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The Hillary Commission for Sport, Fitness and Leisure
Te Komihana Haakinakina a Hillary
Our programmes are funded by the NZ Lottery Grants Board