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Where Our Funds Go
How our money was spent 1997/98

This chart includes funding to national sport and active-leisure organisations, the New Zealand Sports Foundation (to develop high-performance sport), regional sports trusts and community clubs (through the Community Sport Fund). It also includes funds invested in Commission programmes and services.

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Sports Trusts Servicing communities
1997/98 total funding to regional sports trusts

Sports Trusts Servicing Communities

Regional sports trusts deliver over $20 million in active-living services to New Zealanders. Of that $5.3 million is provided by the Commission. For 10 years the Commission and the sports trusts have been in a partnership which, this year, has seen the 17 trusts strengthen their role in the delivery of regional sport and community leisure programmes.

In the area of coach development, the sports trusts have driven the successful Coaches Count promotion at the grassroots level. This includes generating more than $1.5 million which has gone directly into regional coaching and sport development. The 17 sports trusts also trained 21,400 teachers and community leaders in KiwiSport, had over 300,000 attendances at KiwiSport field days, and achieved over 160,000 volunteer hours in sport and community leisure. The trusts are the Commission's preferred contractors to deliver active-living services to all regions in New Zealand. The Sportnet umbrella brand will enable the sports trusts to work even closer with the Hillary Commission in maximising national opportunities and extending the community reach for both parties. The trusts are administered by regionally-based boards of trustees, and employ over 300 staff.


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