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Out of the Hillary Commission's total expenditure of $37.3m in 1997/98 we spent $2.67m (7.2%) on essential services to meet the operations team's targets and on communications and research. The total staff of the Commission was 37 people, based in one office in Wellington.


It is Commission policy that no new project is started unless the issue has first been properly researched. All existing projects and programmes are evaluated each year and major reviews are conducted every three years.

Customer service is the first priority of the Hillary Commission. All client groups receiving funds or services from the Commission are asked to comment on the Commission's performance in meeting their needs. The comment is acted upon by the Commission.


The Commission presents an annual plan to Parliament each year. Progress against the plan after six months is reported to the Minister for Sport, Fitness and Leisure and to the New Zealand Lottery Grants Board, the principal funder of the Hillary Commission.


  • National sport and active-leisure organisations - the Commission funded 104 national sport and active leisure bodies in 1997/98. This investment is part of the Commission's sport development work, and aims to enable these organisations to improve services to their 1.5 million members. In addition to providing funding, the Commission trains national-level managers and administrators.

  • New Zealand Sports Foundation and New Zealand Olympic Committee - which help New Zealanders achieve internationally.

  • Local Authorities - local authorities contribute more than $340m each year to sport and active leisure in their communities. The Commission provides them with advice on developing facilities and delivering services. Each year around 4,600 clubs receive Commission funding through their local authorities.

  • Regional Sports Trusts - the sports trusts are key players in the Hillary Commission team and are unique to New Zealand. They are small and dynamic organisations which deliver the Commission's sport, fitness and leisure programmes to the people in their regions. There are 17 trusts, from Northland to Southland.

    Without them we would not be able to spread the 'active habit' throughout our communities. KiwiSport is co-ordinated by the sports trusts as are projects to promote healthy active lifestyles. The trusts provide vital services to sports groups in their communities, including courses on coaching, leadership and management.

    Regional sports trusts are a one-stop-shop for sports and active-leisure advice. They are staffed by professionals who run programmes for everyone. They provide information on how to restructure organisations, put on a sports tournament or fun run, or where to enrol for a coaching course.

    People in every community should be making the most of these opportunities, by ringing 0800 ACTIVE.

  • New Zealand Lottery Grants Board - the principal funder of the Hillary Commission, with funds generated by the profits from Lotto, Instant Kiwi, Daily Keno and TeleBingo.

  • Sponsors - corporate sponsors and co-funders such as Cadbury, Caltex, Firestone, Watties, Television One, McDonalds, Te Puni Kokiri, Smokefree, Community Employment Group and ALAC have helped us promote vital messages and activities.


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