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Highlights of the 1998 Maniapoto Festival

  • Over 4000 participants

  • Representation from 25 Marae (an increase of 10 more Marae than the 1996 Festival)

  • Organisation of events specifically for our tamariki

  • The healthy kai stalls that each Marae organised in order to raise funds for their Marae

  • The positive effort made by whanau to support the Auahi Kore - Smokefree kaupapa

  • The support of television personalities - Temuera Morrison, Emma Paki and Moari Stafford

  • The beautiful weather for the entire 3 days

  • The increase of participants returning to Maniapoto from around the country

  • The opportunity to meet new whanau and catch up with the old

  • The enthusiasm and commitment by whanau to ensure that the festival was a success


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