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Omangia te Oma Roa
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Hillary Commission

Omangia te Oma Roa

He whakatauki na Kingi Ihaka

The proverb suggests that participation in sport and recreation is a journey in which there are ups and downs, but that participation should continue through ones life.


To ensure that Maori participate throughout life and amongst all age groups both individually and collectively. The journey needs to be planned with clear goals and objectives to be achieved.

The journey needs to be resourced by the involvement of people throughout the development of any activity so that their spirituality, values and beliefs are included.

Within a decade it is envisaged that all Maori individually and collectively will be able to visualise the MARAE and all other principles and values that are incorporated in this fundamental social institution. Maori will be able to take the marae and all it stands for into many different settings to promote and protect their good health.

Not all Maori have a strong affiliation with their marae or participate in marae-based activities. However it is also important to recognise the principles associated with participation on the marae and apply them to other settings where Maori frequently participate. This strategy seems to incorporate the positive and healthy concepts into the minds of all Maori, so that they can determine their own health and wellbeing, through the creation of supportive policies, structures and environment.

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