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The Hillary Commission for Sport, Fitness and Leisure was established in 1987 by an Act of Parliament (the Sport, Fitness and Leisure Act). The Act describes how the Commission is set up and what its main tasks are:

  • there are nine Commissioners, who are responsible for making all the decisions about funding and the activities the Commission gets involved in. The Commission chairman is Wilson Whineray OBE of Auckland, and the deputy chairman is Dr Dave Gerrard OBE of Dunedin.

  • the Commission has 34 staff, who are mostly based at its office in Wellington

  • the Commissioners make the decisions about what the Commission does, and report to the Minister of Sport, who is Hon. Murray McCully.

Each year the Commission has to produce a full annual report for parliament and the public describing what it has done and how it has spent its funds in that year

This year the Commission has $37 million to spend in developing sport and promoting physical activity. Some of this comes from the Government from taxes, but 90% comes from the NZ Lottery Grants Board which distributes money raised from Lotto, Daily Keno and Instant Kiwi.

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The Hillary Commission for Sport, Fitness and Leisure
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