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How we operate and fund

The Commission is a funding agency, which provides funds to a wide range of organisations who make sport happen.

We fund:

  • more than 100 national organisations to help them develop their services to people who play their sport or are involved in physical activity ($5.7 million in 1998/99).

  • The New Zealand Sports Foundation so that it can provide funding to New Zealand's top athletes and coaches ($10.8 million in 1998/99). The Foundation provides the money to each national sport body, which passes it on to the athletes and coaches.

  • The NZ Olympic and Commonwealth Games Association, to help New Zealand teams compete at Olympic and Commonwealth Games overseas.

  • More than 4500 local clubs each year through the Community Sport Fund ($5.1 million in 1996). The Commission provides this money to all of New Zealand's local authorities, who make the decisions about which clubs get funding.

  • 17 regional sports trusts who promote sport to people of all ages in the community. The trusts are independent organisations which receive money from the Commission according to their size and the population they serve. They also deliver KiwiSport and other activities for the Commission, and are funded to do this.

  • We don't fund individuals (except through the NZ Sports Foundation) and we don't fund schools. We only fund organisations which are involved in sport or physical activity.

For much more info on how we operate and fund, go to our 1996 annual report Track Record

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