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The Graham Report

The Ministerial Taskforce on Sport, Fitness and Leisure released its report in 2001 and set out a 25-year vision. It identified problems in the sport and physical recreation sector, such as:

  • No common vision for recreation and sport.
  • Fragmented structures which lack integration, co-ordination and leadership.
  • A clear need to change organisation of the sector and delivery systems at national and regional levels.
  • Coaching is in urgent need of support and development.
  • Greater local community integration, stronger linkages and clear support for volunteer development are required.
  • The education sector's approach to physical activity, recreation and sport was grossly inadequate.
  • Participation levels are too low and many New Zealanders are unable to participate fully in recreation and/or sport.
  • The Government provides insufficient direction and resources.
  • Local government needs to play a more co-operative role with regional recreation and sport agencies.
  • There is a lack of co-ordination, dissemination and use of research in recreation and sport.

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