Te Roopu Manaaki

Te Roopu Manaaki is an independent body of national and regional representitives that provide strategic advice with respect to Maori. In addition, its role is to promote and develop networks that would assist 'Omangia te Oma Roa'. Its membership is from hapu, iwi and Maori through regional sporting bodies.

The appointment of Te Roopu Manaaki recognises the importance of the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi to SPARC.

Te Roopu Manaaki members    Te Roopu Manaaki members
From left front: Jim Maniapoto (for Tumu Te Heu Heu) Georgina Salter, Pihopa Kingi (Chairman), Kevin Prime. Standing left to right: Jack Thatcher, Dion Williams, Chris Marjoribanks, Howie Tamati.

John Paki


Left to right: John Paki, Tina Karaitiana, Jacqui Te Kani. Absent:Tumu Te Heu Heu.

Treaty of Waitangi

SPARC recognises the importance of the partnership between Mäori and non-Maori, and the status of Maori in our society as expressed under the Treaty of Waitangi. Central to this relationship between SPARC and Te Roopu Manaaki is a common understanding that Maori, will have an important role in developing and implementing strategies for Maori.

The emphasis of this relationship shall be based on;
Partnerships; as the conduit for working with iwi, hapu, whanau and Maori communities to develop strategies to increase Maori active participation at all levels in sport and physical recreation
Participation; as the channel to involve Maori at all levels of the sport and physical recreation sector in planning, development and service delivery to improveMaori health through participation.
Protection; ensuring that Maori wellbeing is protected and improved as well as safeguarding Maori cultural concepts, values and practices.

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