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ISSUE Competing With the Best - Here
One of the main issues facing New Zealand is our relative geographical isolation. International sport for New Zealanders usually means competing far from home and often out of season. We can develop our sporting performance by making sure that major sports events are held in this country. This benefits our athletes and also the officials and managers who get valuable experience from being involved in top-class competition without having to leave home.

STRATEGY Bringing Events to New Zealand
The Hillary Commission funds national bodies so they can bid for and host events to be held here. Without the endorsement of and financial support from the Hillary Commission, most sports would not be able to host major world events.

The Commission supported 12 bids this year to host events in New Zealand. Eight other events supported by the Commission were held in New Zealand in 1997/98. In recent years the following bids for events to be held in New Zealand between 1998 and 2000 have been successful:

  • IPC World Disabled Swimming Championships 1998
  • Oceania Boxing Championships 1998
  • Oceania Powerlifting Championships 1998
  • Oceania Women's World Cup Soccer Qualifying Tournament 1998
  • World Field Archery Championships 1998
  • Women's Softball South Pacific Classic Tournament 1998
  • 13th World Precision Flying Championships 1999
  • FIFA World Under-17 Soccer World Cup 1999
  • FINA Diving World Cup 1999
  • Netball World Championships 1999
  • Women's Golf Queen Sirikit Cup 1999
  • Pacific Alliance Gymnastics Championships 2000
  • World Masters Orienteering Championships 2000


1997/1998 highlights
World Life Saving Championships
New Zealand teams won world title

World Field Archery Championships
a world-class event produced seven world champions

Oceania Boxing Championships
New Zealand won three gold, five silver and six bronze

Oceania Weightlifting Championships
two gold medals

The Hillary Commission and New Zealand Tourism Board created Major Events New Zealand to advise Government on the benefits of bringing big sports events to New Zealand. The advantages in terms of tourism cannot be ignored.

Coaches Count
ISSUE Valuing Volunteers
Coaches are important, but so are the thousands of sport managers and officials who make sport happen every day in New Zealand. More than 340,000 volunteers give their time to sport - time that is worth at least $580 million each year.

STRATEGY Running Sport
People who freely give their time to run sports clubs and school teams deserve support. The Commission's 'Running Sport' resources give helpful step-by-step information on how to run successful events, publicise them, manage finances, and other elements of good administration. Regional sports trusts run hundreds of Running Sport seminars each year to train volunteers and improve the way sport is run, which in turn improves the experience of everyone involved in sport

4,542 Running Sport information kits were distributed to clubs through the sports trusts and eight national sports bodies.


ISSUE Improving the Sport Experience
In today's society people have less time to be involved in sports activities. It is important that sport is always a high-quality experience, so that people stay with the game as participants, officials, managers or spectators. Sport must appeal to all participants, be they young or old, Maori or Pakeha, male or female.

STRATEGY Building Quality
Through a quality management programme the Commission aims to give sports the business management skills they need today at national and regional levels. To help raise the profile of sport volunteers and leaders, we provide training support for volunteers, officials and referees.

A wide variety of national sports bodies received consultancy and support services:

  • we conducted sport marketing seminars nationwide
  • the Leadership Executive Programme, run in conjunction with Fletcher Challenge, put 17 CEOs on the road to excellence
  • eight national sports bodies engaged in a full review of management services
  • the sport trusts worked with 255 regional sports organisations throughout the country to improve their service In addition national sports bodies were involved in a specially developed process to help them focus on 'the big picture'- the strategic management issues facing their sport.

STRATEGY - Strengthening Maori Sports Involvement
The Hillary Commission wants to ensure there are opportunities to involve Maori in all areas of sport - coaching, umpiring, administration and other volunteer work - as well as playing. This will be a priority for the Commission in the future, when we will develop strategies to assist national sports bodies to take advantage of the full potential of their Maori membership.


The Taskforce on Maori Sport, Fitness and Leisure was convened by the Commission and Associate Minister for Sport Hon Tau Henare to consider ways of improving the benefits of sport, fitness and leisure for Maori. Mr Waari Ward-Holmes chaired the taskforce and members of the taskforce were appointed covering a wide range of perspectives. They consulted widely and met over a period of five months. The Taskforce will report in 1998/99.

ISSUE Special Focus on Women and Girls
Women do an enormous amount for sport, but men still make up the majority of coaches, officials and sports administrators. In recent years we have seen a growth in the number of girls playing sport at school, which is an exciting trend. But New Zealand still needs more girls enjoying sport and more women playing and leading sport at all levels.

STRATEGY Winning Women
The Hillary Commission is committed to encouraging more women into sport - and supporting those who already hold leading roles. Internationally, the Commission works to advance women's sport, contributing to world strategies through the International Women in Sport Working Group and the 1998 World Conference on Women in Sport in Namibia.

Action and Results in 1997/1998
Ten more national sports organisations have implemented special programmes to support women and girls in their sport. Research in 1997 showed that a total of 86% of national sports bodies now target women in their strategic planning. The Commission's Winning Women leadership courses are for women interested in being sports leaders or moving up the sporting ladder. This course is very popular, with about 40 sessions held around the country annually. Nearly 1,000 women graduate from these courses every year. Winning Women Role Models continue to promote sport and achievement to young women throughout the country. Almost 100 leading women athletes visit schools to keep girls motivated.


New judge of success - Yvonne Willering
Yvonne Willering has been head coach of the Silver Ferns since late 1997. One thing that is important for Yvonne is encouraging more coach development at the grassroots of the game.

"There is a huge lack of coaches in this country. The Hillary Commission's Coaches Count campaign is great. Coaching is often a thankless task. Players should let their coach know how they feel about the training. It gives me a tremendous buzz to know that my players are happy with a training session and we are all going in the same direction.

"A coach's worth is often judged by whether a team wins or loses, not by the skill of the players. I love to win but I am equally happy when my team plays well, regardless of the result.

"New Zealanders should never be satisfied with sub-standard players or coaches but they need to change the way they judge success, from results to game play. "Netball is not just for the players but also for coaches, umpires and administration support people. We can not forget the important role of volunteers and the support they give to netball at all levels. The main returns from the sport are from the top level, but there would not be a New Zealand team playing in the international circuit if it were not for the people out in the regions providing voluntary services."



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