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Where Our Funds Go

How our money was spent 1998/99

This chart includes funding to national sport and active-leisure organisations, the New Zealand Sports Foundation (to develop high-performance sport), regional sports trusts, and community clubs (through the Community Sport Fund). It also includes funds invested in Commission programmes and services.

Hillary Commission funding 1998/99

Sports Trusts Servicing Communities

Sports trusts are the Hillary Commission's primary partners delivering sport and Push Play programmes in every community. On top of the $5.69 million provided by the Commission, the sports trusts deliver another $16.4 million in active living and sport services. The 17 sport trusts each continue to strengthen their role as the one-stop source of sport and active living solutions.

The trusts are the Commission's preferred contractors to deliver active-living services to all regions in New Zealand. The Sportnet umbrella brand under which they operate has proved successful in maximising national opportunities and extending the community reach for the trusts.

The trusts are administered by regionally-based boards of trustees, and employ over 300 staff. In the area of Push Play the trusts have been on the ground in over 40 local launches, 10 of them involving KiwiWalks, and have helped successfully get the active-habit message to targeted audiences.

The 17 sports trusts also trained 24,300 teachers and community leaders in KiwiSport, and encouraged over 200 schools to enrol in the SportsMark quality programme. Support from the trusts in coach development has continued to be strong. On average 22 regional sport bodies (such as Manawatu Squash) have received training and support from each trust.

Without the trusts we would not be able to Push Play or promote KiwiSport or No Exceptions throughout our communities. The trusts provide vital services to sports groups in their communities, including courses on coaching, leadership and management.

Regional sports trusts are a one-stop-shop for sports and active-leisure advice. They are staffed by professionals who run programmes for everyone. They provide information on how to restructure organisations, put on a sports tournament or fun run, or where to enrol for a coaching course. People in every community should be making the most of these opportunities, by ringing 0800 ACTIVE.

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