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beating the world

The Commission aims to help our most talented sports people get to the top in international competition. Top level sport is becoming more and more intense and competitive, so we have to give our sports people every support they need to beat the world. This support differs from sport to sport and athlete to athlete, but all need top level coaching, technological and medical back-up, and some form of financial support.

New Zealand Sports FoundationWe have a contract with the New Zealand Sports Foundation to provide this support. Almost 30% of the Hillary Commission's funds go to the Foundation so they can help the champions of today and tomorrow. The Foundation works with the New Zealand Olympic Committee to get the best results from our athletes.

New Zealand Olympic CommitteeWhen New Zealanders beat the world it gives a strong sense of national pride, and it inspires other sports people to aim for the top - it is an important part of supporting sport and making New Zealand a great sporting nation.

Visit the web sites of the NZ New Zealand Academy of Sport and NZ Olympic Committee for more information about international sport and New Zealand's champions.

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