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Coaching New Zealand

Coach Education

The programme provided by the Hillary Commission covers all levels of coaching and complements the sport specific programmes offered by national sports organisations.

CNZ courses include workshops facilitated by experts in sports coaching and science. Courses include a self-directed learning component and assessment tasks (from Level 1 and above).

CNZ Coach Accreditation Programme

Getting Started In Coaching
This 2-3 hour course provides an entry point for individuals wishing to get involved in coaching. It is designed for the first time coach, covering basic introductory coaching concepts.

CNZ Level One
Aimed at the beginner coach, this course provides the practical skills and knowledge required to plan, implement, and evaluate a basic coaching session at the novice level.

CNZ Level Two
For serious coaches seeking more information to improve their own knowledge and the performance of their athletes, this course enlarges on the art of coaching and applies knowledge and skills to coaching a series of sessions.

CNZ Level Three
This course has an emphasis on sports science and its practical application. It focuses on obtaining optimal performances from both the coach and the athlete, through encouraging coaches to examine their approach to coaching and their coaching methods.

Coaching Athletes with a Disability
Designed for coaches, programme coordinators and administrators involved in organising sport for athletes with disabilities, the CAD course details coaching techniques, physiological considerations and the general principles of coaching these athletes.

For more information about Coaching New Zealand courses, please contact the Sport Development Officer at your regional sports trust or the Hillary Commission.

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