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Coaches Count

Coaches Count is a Hillary Commission initiative to recognise the great work coaches do for sport in New Zealand. Coaches Count aims to recruit new coaches, hold on to those we already have and offer support and rewards to all our coaches.

Coaches Count aims to get more parents and the community involved in sport. It encourages schools, clubs and the community to work together so that the load is shared. Coaches Count makes your move into coaching easy.

Following consultation with a number of sports, the Commission developed the Coaches Count promotion to help fill this gap. The promotion kicked off in September 1997 with a TV and radio campaign promoting the coaching message to the wider public.

Coaches Count puts strong emphasis on equipping sports with the tools they need to attract more coaches and to thank the ones they already have. To find out more on this promotion, follow the links below.

Give kids a sporting chance

Coaches are the VIPs of sport

What resources/merchandise is available

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