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The New Zealand Coach Magazine


The New Zealand Coach is a quarterly magazine. It is packed full of up-to-date information for coaches, sport scientists, national sport organisations, clubs and associations.

Articles cover a wide range of sports and appeal to coaches at all levels.

Regular features include:

  • practical skills and drills for a range of sports

  • articles on sport science and management from a coaching perspective

  • coach interviews

  • book reviews

  • special topics, e.g. coaching athletes with a disability

  • websites

  • debate

Subscribe now

Annual subscription is NZ$28, inc. GST ($35 for overseas subscribers). Clubs or individuals can subscribe.

To subscribe to The New Zealand Coach just print and complete this form (pdf) and send it with a cheque to:

Hillary Commission
PO Box 2251
New Zealand

Write an article for the New Zealand Coach

Articles are welcomed from coaches, sports scientists, students and others involved in coaching.

If you are interested in submitting an article for publication, please follow the author guidelines and send your article to:

The Editor
The New Zealand Coach
PO Box 2251
New Zealand

or email

Please note that all articles submitted undergo a blind review process to ensure that quality, researched articles are published.

Author guidelines for the New Zealand Coach magazine

The New Zealand Coach welcomes contributions to be considered as articles for publication. Please be aware that all articles pass through a blind review process, whereby the article is sent to an editorial board member for review and comment.

The following guidelines should be followed when submitting an article for consideration.

  1. Maximum 1500 words (unless intended to be presented as a two or three-part series).

  2. User-friendly writing style.

  3. Clear distinction between articles that are science-based, and those which are based on the author's opinion/experience/anecdotes.

  4. Limited use of tables and graphs - no standard deviations, probability scales, or statistical methodologies are necessary. (If readers need more details, they should be encouraged to go to the source material - original report or direct to the author.)

  5. Where references are used, if there is sufficient space they will be published, however normally readers are referred back to the Hillary Commission for a copy.

  6. Photographs (preferably black and white) may be included with articles.

  7. Articles should be sent in, preferably with the text saved on a 3.5" disk, with accompanying hard copy.

  8. Articles should be accompanied by a photo (preferably a head and shoulders, black and white) of the author, to be published with the article.

Coaching New Zealand has Apple Macintosh equipment. Text from a PC needs to be saved on a 3.5" disk as a 'text only' file.


All contributions should be sent to:
The Editor
The New Zealand Coach
PO Box 2251
New Zealand
or email

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