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Give kids a sporting chance

who really makes sport happen?
More than two million New Zealanders take part in sport or physical activity every year. The Hillary Commission's job is to support sport and the people who make it happen.

Team sport, especially for younger players, depends on having someone to coach the team. Coaching can be satisfying and rewarding; many who take a team wonder why they took so long to get started.

Coaches are the VIPs of sport

Who are the coaches now?

People just like you
Most coaches at junior sport level are parents or family of the children involved. Many teachers and secondary school students are coaches too. Every sport needs more coaches at all levels - if you are enthusiastic, you will be welcomed.

You may be worried about finding the time to coach. There are ways to share the load - coaching needn't take as much time as you think. If you're interested in a sport - whether you used to play it or not - you could be a great coach. Give it a go!

We can help you get started
Many people say they would like to coach but they don't believe they have the skills. It's easier than you think! Many national sporting bodies offer coach education courses, starting from introductory courses on the basics of coaching their sport. It is a course that will give you the confidence to get started. Just click on to National Sport for contact details.

The Hillary Commission also offers coach education, which focuses on the generic components of coaching that apply to all sports. These courses are run by the regional sports trusts.

You won't be on your own
Parents are often happy to help - with tasks like phoning players, organising half time drinks, washing gear, collecting subs, and helping at training sessions. All you have to do is ask. You can have a 'team' behind the team.

What does the coach actually do?
The coach calls the shots. As a coach you will:

  • help players develop their skills
  • help players enjoy sport
  • be the link between the club, the school, the players and the parents.
  • know the rules and basic strategy of the game
  • promote the FairPlay message: play hard, but play fair
  • arrange and organise training sessions
  • make sure everyone gets a go
  • get to know your players and match their strengths to the game
  • be supportive - turn up for the game!
  • praise your players, look for what they did well
  • be a good role model - behave the way you expect your players to behave

How do you get started?
All you need to do to get started in coaching is contact the Sport Development Officer at your local regional sports trust. For contact details just click on to regional sports trust.
There's also a free Getting Started in Coaching handbook available to download.
already coaching and want to know more?
You can get a Coaches Count booklet from your regional sports trust or National Sports Organisation. These handy pocket-sized booklets include useful coaching information. We've also got some sports gear available for coaches.

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