Coaching in New Zealand

New Zealand Coaching Strategy

The New Zealand Coaching Strategy – For coaches, by coaches

The strategy has been developed for coaches by coaches to meet the needs of all coaches in New Zealand. It addresses issues associated with the current environment and is aligned to athletes’ needs.

The strategy is philosophically committed to creating a world-class coaching environment - an environment delivering key coaching benefits to athletes regardless of age, race, status or location. It also represents a genuine commitment to ensuring that the key players in coaching work more collaboratively for the benefits of athletes, complementing the efforts of the many committed coaches and coaching programmes operating in New Zealand.

Early in the New Year 2005, we will complete a national launch of the strategy. The purpose of the launch is to increase the awareness of the strategy by coaches.

SPARC is proud to have led the development of this strategy and wishes to thank all of the key players for their contribution and vision.

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