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Sports Journalism Awards

TP Mclean Sports Journalism Awards

The Sir Terry McLean National Sports Journalism Awards attracted over 135 entrants. The standard of the entries was excellent, making the juding very difficult. The winners for 2001 are below.

Media Release
Judges Comments

Winners for 2001 are:

  • Air New Zealand Sports Journalist of the Year
    Andrew Cornaga (Photosport)

  • Philips Award for Sports Reporting
    Finalists: Marc Hinton (Sunday Star Times), Chris Mirams (The Evening Post) and Mary Ann Gill (The Waikato Times)
    Winner: Wynne Gray (NZ Herald)

  • Philips Award for Radio Reporting
    Finalists: Murray Deaker (Newstalk ZB - Auckland) and Barry Guy (Radio NZ - Wellington)
    Winner: Stephen Hewson (Radio NZ - Wellington)

  • Adidas Award for Television Reporting
    Finalists: Hamish Clark (TVNZ - Christchurch) and Hamish McKay (TV3 - Auckland)
    winner - Rachel Smalley (TV3 - Auckland)

  • Spalding Award for Best Columnist
    Finalists: Steve Deane (Upper Hutt Leader) and John Matheson (NZ Rugby World) winner - Richard Boock (NZ Herald)

  • Steinlager Award for Feature Writing
    Finalists: Margot Butcher (North and South) and Marc Hinton (Sunday Star Times)
    Winner: Bevan Rapson (Metro)

  • NZ Herald DJ Cameron Young Writers Award
    Finalists: Julie Ash (NZ Herald) and Steve Deane (Upper Hutt Leader)
    Winner: Anthony Clearwater (Timaru Herald)

  • Hillary Commission Sports Photography Award Best Portfolio (click on name to view portfolio)
    Finalists: John Borren, Daily Post (255 KB) and Brett Phibbs, NZ Herald (276 KB)
    Winner: Andrew Cornaga, Photosport (225 KB)

  • Best Photograph from Portfolio (click here to view finalists - 331 KB)
    Finalists: Marty Melville (Marty Melville Photography) and Brett Phibbs (NZ Herald)
    Winner: Andrew Cornaga (Photosport)

Special Awards.

  • Best Provincial Award - journalism
    Steve Deane (Upper Hutt Leader)

  • Best Provincial Award - photography
    John Borren (Daily Post)

  • Garry Frew Memorial Award
    Murray Hills (Daily Post)

  • Hillary Commission Lifetime Award for contribution to sport through journalism
    Sir Terry McLean

For more information on the awards contact Jayne Broomhall on 04 496 3978 or email

Sir Terry McLean

Hailed as the doyen of New Zealand sports journalists, T.P was admired for his charisma as much as his knack of always securing the best stories. Although primarily a rugby writer, TP's commentary enlivened everything from polo to bowls.

T.P. set his own standards for journalism. He told it how he saw it, giving his own views rather than anyone else's. He was also a stickler for punctuality and had a reputation for working almost round the clock, dashing from one game to another, his heavy Olympia typewriter in tow, never letting anything or anyone get in the way of a deadline.

Since launching his colourful career with the Auckland Sun in 1930, T.P has been described as everything from "a white-pointer shark among the sea of sports writerÖ" (a famous All Black) to "that bald-headed old codger" (himself). Whatever label you want to give him, T.P is arguable the greatest sports writer New Zealand has ever known. And definitely the most memorable.

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