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is much more than something we see or do on the sports field. It's all about attitude - and the sporting environment we create for young people in which they can experience personal challenge and success.

The simple message is 'Give it heaps but don't get ugly'.

FairPlay is:

Respect - for the opposition, the officials and the rules of the game
Staying cool - no matter what happens
Dignity - in winning and losing
Keeping sport fun - it's why we do it

To encourage the FairPlay attitude, the Hillary Commission awards schools and clubs that promote fair play a FairPlay Thumbs Up award. This is awarded to schools and clubs that:

  • expect fair play from everyone
  • play by a code of conduct
  • acknowledge people who always give it heaps but don't get ugly
  • deal with inappropriate behaviour.

To receive a FairPlay Thumbs Up Award a school or club needs to have a plan to promote fair play as part of its sports programmes. Plans should include a code of conduct for mottohochzeit everyone involved in sport (this include supporters, officials, coaches and parents, as well as players) and an on-going commitment to promote and appropriately reward fair play. Regional sports trusts have templates to help schools and clubs create codes of conduct and a FairPlay plan, or for (pdf) copies click on the titles below:

  • FairPlay code of conduct templates
  • FairPlay code of conduct templates - Te reo Maori
  • FairPlay promotional plan

Schools and clubs that receive the FairPlay Thumbs Up Award will be supplied with free posters, stickers and Fair Play Action cards for coaches, officials, players, supporters and parents. The cards suggest how these key people can make sport more enjoyable for everyone involved.

For ideas on how schools and clubs can involve parents, supporters, officials, coaches and players in FairPlay, click on the title below:

  • FairPlay - ideas for schools and clubs

Give FairPlay the 'Thumbs Up' at your school or club!

Schools and clubs in New Zealand can get more information on FairPlay and supporting resources (postcards, bookmarks, posters) by contacting their regional sports trust.



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