Roger Twose's motivation tips

"Your thoughts control your own reality

- if you think you're going to fail, that you're a bad player, then your body will respond to that. If you're about to take a catch, and you're thinking 'this catch is really important - I hope I don't miss it in front of all these people!' then you'll get nervous, you'll start shaking and sweating - your body will react to the bad thoughts and you're more likely to miss the catch.

"But if you haven't thought about the negative things, and you don't panic - you just concentrate on catching the ball - you'll be in great shape to make the catch both mentally and physically."

Roger is no stranger to the pressures of playing a high-profile sport. But here's a question that anyone who plays a team sport of any kind will understand: how do you cope with the pressures of a really big, important match? YIKES!!

"Well, you certainly can't ignore the fact that it's an important match! But even though it's more important, nothing changes on the technical/physical side - it's still the same game. What changes is how you think about it - so you have to stop thinking about how crucial the game is and focus on other things."


Check out Roger Twose's ingenious plank theory and all will become clear...

Roger Twose in action

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