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ISSUE - #22

Be Smokefree
Kapa Haka
Helen Clark

ISSUE - #21

Be Smokefree
Kapa Haka
Helen Clark

ISSUE - #20

Being SunSmart
Terrific Tennis!
Wild Water Waka!
Grace Clarke

ISSUE - #19

5 + A Day what does it mean?
Terrific Table Tennis!
Wicked Wheels
Walk to School
From A to Zed!

ISSUE - #18

Looking Good, Feeling Great
Swing it!
Hyperboy & Hypergirl
Give it heaps but don't get ugly!

ISSUE - #17

Playing sport safely
Snow business
Game on
Team effort
Playing sport safely
Priya Bhika

ISSUE - #16

Water Wise!
Boredom Busters
Dance Your Socks Off
Kite Surfing
Mark Sorenson - Tee Ball

ISSUE - #15

In-line Skating
Profile - Shannell Wooding
At the Beach
The Discovery Channel Adventure Race

ISSUE - #14

Profile - Josh Junior
Rock Climbing

ISSUE - #13

Underwater Hockey
Sophie Savill - Karate
Interactive - Land Sports - Under Water!
International - FIFA World Under-17 Soccer World Cup

ISSUE - #12

Sport Ambassadors
Paralympian Duane Kale and Skier Erika McLeod.
Interactive - Sport on the Fringe
International - Wildwater World Cup

ISSUE - #11

Fespic '99
News from Schools
Rower Jude Ellis
Interactive - Extreme Sports
International - Project ACES

ISSUE - #10

1998 Commonwealth Games
News from Schools
Commonwealth Athletes Alethea Boon and Steven Ferguson
Interactive - Tenpin Bowling
International - Malaysia and The Gobek

ISSUE - #9

Sports in the Media
News from Schools
Sports Journalist Jim Kayes and Sports Photographer Joanna Caird
Interactive - Play Sport on the Internet
International - Soccer and The World Cup

ISSUE - #8

KiwiSport's Birthday Celebratrions
News from Schools
KiwiSport Grown-Ups
Interactive - Orienteering
International - Sepak Takraw and Timbersports

ISSUE - #7

KiwiSport's Birthday
News from Schools
Sarah Ulmer and Thane Pullen
Interactive - Bobsleigh
International - Jump Rope and Unicycle Hockey

ISSUE - #6

Rescue '98 Lifesaving Champs
Winter Olympics at Nagano
Heinz and Olivia Baker
Interactive - Archery
International - Rocball and Horse Vaulting

ISSUE - #5

Beginners' Guide To Surfing
Interactive - Squash
International - Camel Racing and Korfball

ISSUE - #4

Deaf Ten Pin Bowling Championships
Interactive - Petanque
International - Jai-Alai and Caber Tossing

ISSUE - #3

World Blind Bowls Championships
Mountain Bike World Cup
International - Curling and Hurling

ISSUE - #2

Maadi Cup Rowing
NZ World Series Cricket
Interactive - Ultimate - the Ultimate Team Sport!
International - Sumo

ISSUE - #1

Motivation Tips with Wellington Cricket Captain Rodger Twose
Around the World with the BT Global Challenge
Interactive - The Lowdown on Juggling

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