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BT Challenge logo The BT Global Challenge yacht race called into Wellington recently on its way around the world. Hyperzine spoke to two Wellingtonians who sailed in the race from Rio de Janeiro to Wellington to find out just how tough this challenge really is.

Kiwis Melissa Bray and Grant Winfield were lucky enough to be a part of the race between Rio De Janeiro and Wellington - click on their names to see what they had to say.

go to next page! It's been called the world's toughest yacht race: 30,000 miles around the world, starting out in Southampton, England and sailing against prevailing winds and currents (just to make it that extra bit more difficult), lasting 10 months, and with small crews made up mostly of inexperienced sailors in it just for the adventure - they don't call it the Global Challenge for nothing!

The idea of the Global Challenge was to create a round-the-world yacht race that would give volunteers from all walks of life the chance to take part in a high-profile sporting event, as well as bringing the sport of yachting to a wider audience.

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