Welcome to the first issue of Hyperzine!

At the moment, Hyperzine! is put together by the Hillary Commission, but one day, readers, all this will be yours...

Yes, eventually we don't want to be writing Hyperzine! - we want YOU to be writing it for us! That way we know we're giving you the stuff you want to read.

So check out this month's articles and other cool stuff, but don't forget to check out the readers' articles and visit the Hyperzine Wants You! page to find out how you can become a Hyperzine! reporter.



for your information...
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Wherever you see this symbol, you know that you can click on it to take you to the Hyperzine Wants You page. From here you can become a Hyperzine reporter, read other people's reports, give comments and suggestions, or just say hello!

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