Roger Twose's motivation tips
MOTIVATE YOURSELF - it starts in your mind!

Wellington cricket captain Roger Twose reckons focus and attitude are the key to playing your best, no matter what sport you play and what level you play it at.

Roger Twose

"One thing I try to stress," says Roger, "is that you don't totally control the result. When I go out to bat, I really want to score 100! But there are other factors involved that are just out of my control. I could get a bad wicket, the umpire's decisions could affect my result, my batting partner might be run out - it could even rain!"

The key phrase is "control the controllables": don't worry about the stuff that's out of your hands - just concentrate on the things you can control yourself, like your own physical fitness, your technical skill, and your state of mind.

go to next page! "All of these things affect one another," Twose says. "If I know I've practiced really hard and my technical skills are good, and I'm in good physical shape, I'll have a much more positive attitude towards my own performance.

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