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The Hyperzine Graffiti Wall is where you can enter our competitions and send in your questions, feedback and opinions about Hyperzine and the sports we've covered in this issue.

This issue's trivia question is:
How many athletes is New Zealand sending to Kuala Lumpur to compete in the 1998 Commonwealth Games?

Send us your answer, and, if you're in New Zealand, you might win a cool Hillary Commission drink bottle!

Click here to see what's been sprayed up!

In the last issue we asked you where the final of the Soccer World Cup was played; the answer is Paris.

Remember to include your name (and school) if you're sending in something to be published in the next Hyperzine.


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Remember, we won't spray up your grafitti if we don't know who you are! If you don't have an email address, put in your home address or your school and we'll track you down one way or another.

I really like this website, but I think you can give people some information about the sport they like, for example, Ice Hokey. Thanks a lot!!!
Your fan, Richard Smith

The answer to the question is over 300 people were in the NZ team at Kuala Lumpur.
Daniel and Edwina, Lynton Downs School Kaikoura

Hi I'm 8 and I play Rugby for the Norths Bulldogs. Our coach is cool he is called Stan. We have only lost one game all season. We won 2 different sevens tournamnets and are in the final of the trust cup this weekend. Rugby is great I like Christian Cullen and the All Blacks. I support the Hurricanes and have posters of them all over my bedroom. We are going to play at Athletic Park before a Lions game in a few weeks, that is really neat we did it last year. Tana Unmunga scored and we got to eat hotdogs and scream heaps. Rugby is the best. But cricket starts soon.
Scott Baker

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