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Tenpin Bowling

Tenpin bowling is being played at the Commonwealth Games for the first time in 1998. David Davies, Glennis Rolton, Graham Watson and Koia Shannon will represent New Zealand at Kuala Lumpur.

There are many different bowling games played around the world, including lawn bowls, petanque, and boccia. Tenpin bowling has become the most popular version, with over 100 million people playing the sport in more than ninety countries around the world.

The origin of bowling dates back to 3,200 BC - that's more than 5,000 years ago - in Egypt. Visit the International Bowling Museum to learn more about the history of bowling.

bowlerThe game is called "tenpin" bowling because there are ten pins (or skittles) and the object of the game is to knock them all over by rolling a ball down a narrow alley to the pins.

The New Zealand Tenpin Bowling Congress is the national body that organises the sport in New Zealand.

Lots of people enjoy social tenpin bowling. Now you can practise your aim before you meet up with your friends at an online bowling alley or if you want a bit more of a challenge, try Attitude Arena, the bowling game of the future - stand 500 feet above a cheering crowd and aim your ball at a floating pin platform.

The rules of tenpin bowling vary around the world. In Edinburgh there is a version where players uses a fingerless ball and swing it between their legs; when the ball is thrown, the player flops down on their stomach in the lane!

In standard American rules, a game consists of ten "frames". In a frame, the player gets to bowl twice at the pins. In the tenth frame, you can bowl three times if you have scored a "strike" or "spare". A strike is when all ten pins are knocked over in the first ball of a frame; a spare is when the second ball knocks down all the remaining balls.

If you are interested in learning more about the rules and regulations, visit Tenpin World or the Tenpin Bowling Online Directory; these sites have lots of information and links to other bowling sites on the net.

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