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Get connected with your favourite sports online through the Hyperzine Hot Links page!

Here are some sites that relate to the articles in this issue of Hyperzine:

Luala Lumpur logo

1998 Commonwealth Games

New Zealand Olympic Committee

The official Commonwealth Games website

The Commonwealth Games Federation  



Tenpin Bowling

New Zealand Tenpin Bowling Congress

Online Bowling

International Bowling Museum

Attitude Arena

Tenpin World

Tenpin Bowling Online Directory


The Malaysian National Archives is a good place to start if you're looking for information about Malaysia on the internet. There is also a "Virtual Malaysia" section on the Kuala Lumpur Commonwealth Games website.

Got any sports you're into and would like us to track down some links for? Click here and put your request in the box, and we'll make sure there's a hot link for your sport in next month's Hyperzine!

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