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KiwiSport Poems from schools around New Zealand

Many kids from around New Zealand entered the KiwSport News poem competition on "I like KiwiSport Because..." The winner was James Liley from St Gerard's School in Alexandra and he wins a Sport Ambassador visit to his classroom! Because we received so many great poems we just had display some on our website so here they are...

James Liley, Poonam Ball, Emily Leadbitter,
Alex Aubrey, Priscilla Boyce, Colin Lambie

"I Like Kiwisport Because ... "
Soccer, rugby, hockey too
KiwiSports are good for you.
Baseball, cricket, swimming as well,
KiwiSports are just so swell

Skiing and skating on snow and ice,
KiwiSports make it so nice.
They help you grow strong, fast and fit,
Whether you run or jump or hit.

Kiwi To keep it safe they make the rules,
For fields and courts and swimming pools.
The motto always and everywhere
Is simply this: Play hard but play fair.

Best of all as you will see
Are the coaches and umpire or referee.
Through their time and what we're taught
We can all make the most of KiwiSport.

James Liley
St Gerard's School, Alexandra

Poonam Ball
Poonam Ball, aged 10
Deanwell Primary School, Hamilton

Emily Leadbitter
Emily Leadbitter, year 6
Seatoun School, Wellington

Alex Aubrey
Alex Aubrey, aged 11
Seatoun School, Wellington

Priscilla Boyce
Priscilla Boyce
Glendowie Primary, Auckland

Colin Lambie
Colin Lambie, year 7
Seatoun School, Wellington

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