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Project ACES

What on Earth...?

The 11th annual Project ACES event will take place on 5 May 1999; at 10am US time (go to World Time Zones to find out what time it will be here), children all over the world will exercise simultaneously.

Why on Earth...?

Len SaundersProject Aces began back in 1989. Physical Education teacher Len Saunders, of New Jersey, USA, wanted to get one school in every state to exercise at the same time on the same day to motivate his students to exercise.

He wrote to schools throughout the United States to see if they would join the massive event, and had an enthusiastic response. Children from 1200 schools participated in all 50 states and the island of St. Croix.

Back in '89, "ACES" stood for "American Children Exercising Simultaneously"; Len thought he would organize one event and that would be the end of it - but a couple of months later, Len started receiving mail for the 1990 ACES event (which at the time did not even exist)! Letters poured in from schools throughout the country and outside the United States. ACES became "All Children Exercise Simultaneously" in 1990.

children exercising

Children participating in Project ACES

How on Earth...?

Each school organizes its own participation assembly for the 15-45 minute event. There's no specific routine to follow. You could invite local celebrities to the event, do it indoors or outside, and exercise to your favourite music. Use your imagination! The whole school can be involved, or just some classes.

Visit the Project Aces website to find out how your school can participate, and what other schools around the world are doing.

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