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Get connected with your favourite sports online
through the Hyperzine Hot Links page!

Here are some sites that relate to the articles in this issue of Hyperzine:

Soap shoes

Extreme Sports

There are a number of magazine-style websites devoted to extreme sports, which include photographs, readers' adventures and links to other sites. Have a look at some of these:
or for something completely different, check out the latest craze - Soap Shoes!  

Project ACES

The Home Page, with everything you and your school need to know to be involved in Project ACES 1999.

International Ice Hockey Federation

Ice Hockey

In the last issue, Richard Smith requested information about ice hockey; here are some ice hockey sites:

The New Zealand Ice Hockey Federation doesn't have its own website, but you can find out their current contact details from the Hillary Commission's website.

Got any sports you're into and would like us to track down some links for? Click here and put your request in the box, and we'll make sure there's a hot link for your sport in next month's Hyperzine!

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