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The Hyperzine Graffiti Wall is where you can enter our competitions and send in your questions, feedback and opinions about Hyperzine and the sports we've covered in this issue.

This issue's trivia question is:
Who won the 1999 Wildwater World Cup?

Send us your answer, and, if you're in New Zealand, you might win a cool Hillary Commission drink bottle!

Click here to see what's been sprayed up!

In the last issue we asked you what is the FESPIC slogan; it is "Equality In One World".

Remember to include your name (and school) if you're sending in something to be published in the next Hyperzine.


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Remember, we won't spray up your grafitti if we don't know who you are! If you don't have an email address, put in your home address or your school and we'll track you down one way or another.

My sport that i like a lot is soccer. I love playin soccer it is the beast sport out there besides football i love it i play every posititon
David RIne

  A vast majority of people would say that the Liston College athletics day would be the worst day of their lives but some people, like the people who got placings, would put up an argument for that.
  Everyone entered activities that they knew that they were pretty stink at, but still gave it a go just to earn house points. You see, Liston College is divided into four houses: Tasman, Pompallier, Cook and Kupe. Every house has an equal amount of people from each form so that it would be fair for each house. At the end of the year they count the points and the house who has the most points win.
   Anyway, difficulties were arising when house flags go missung. First Cook, then Tasman and Pompallier. Kupe was the main suspects since they were the only house with a flag. Riots aroused on the second day,with attempts to rip the Kupe flag.
   By the end of the 2 days, everyone was tired and sore, some victorious at their events. Every house did well but Pompallier won when it came to the house with most points, with a landslide three and a half thousand points.
By Nikko Osa
2J Liston College

i love sport, sport is the bomb
silly billy

Hockey RULZ!!!! I love playing hockey because it is fun.My favourite positions are Left Wing,Right Wing,Left Inner and Right Inner.I reckon hockey is the best sport in the whole world.
Theresa Neely

I want to be a famous mountain climber like Sir Edmund Hillary because he's the greatist
Lachlan Welsh
St Josephs School Ashburton

Italy won the 1999 Wild Water World Cup.
Tim Gulbransen

I think that rugby is a really awesome sport but wrestling is just as good but it is all acting. Well thats what I have heard. Anyway is that true because if it is then why don't they make a soap out of it if they are that good at acting they might as well they would get alot more money and it is more claeche
Jessie Vermunt

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