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The Hyperzine Graffiti Wall is where you can enter our competitions and send in your questions, feedback and opinions about Hyperzine and the sports we've covered in this issue.

This issue's trivia question is:
What international youth sporting competition did New Zealand host in November?

Send us your answer, and, if you're in New Zealand, you might win a cool Hillary Commission drink bottle!

Click here to see what's been sprayed up!

In the last issue we asked you "Who won the 1999 Wildwater World Cup?"; it was Italy.

Remember to include your name (and school) if you're sending in something to be published in the next Hyperzine.

Your Name:

Your Email:

Remember, we won't spray up your Graffiti if we don't know who you are! If you don't have an email address, put in your home address or your school and we'll track you down one way or another.


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