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Tee Ball | Link-up

Want to be a World Champion?

Find out how these people got to be or are planning to be World Champions:

Batter Up!

It's not easy becoming a World Champion and sometimes getting there is not much fun either but being a World Champion according to Mark Sorenson, Captain of the Black Sox, is "an amazing feeling of satisfaction."

The Black Sox are the New Zealand National Men's Softball Team and they are current World Champions. "Knowing that for the next four years the Black Sox stand at the top of the world once again and knowing that the four years of planning and preparing and the six months of hard training is all worthwhile" means a lot to Mark.

Mark Sorenson Mark has played softball for New Zealand for 16 years and has captained the Black Sox since 1989 — phew that's a long time! "When I was young Tee Ball wasn't even around, it was just straight softball. I grew up in Naenae, Wellington and always followed my Dad to the ball park." Marks Dad, Dave Sorenson played for New Zealand for 10 years too! "From as young as I can remember I always wanted to represent NZ at softball" says Mark. "Softball is a really fun game as it brings together a whole lot of individual skills in the one sport — like throwing, catching, running, batting, sliding and having fun!"

"The thing I love most about softball is the one on one battle you have with the pitcher when you're batting. It's just you and him, may the best person win!"

Mark believes you can learn a lot by playing sport "I've learnt goal setting, dedication, sacrifice, how to work hard, respect, communication and to have a positive attitude, as without it your potential is restricted."


Tee Ball

Tee ball player Tee Ball is softball for young people or for people who are just learning. Players hit the ball off a T shaped stand and run around the bases trying to beat the ball.

How to play

The aim of Tee Ball is to score more runs than the other team.
The attacking team must bat and score runs by hitting the ball off a T and running the bases.
The defending team tries to get players out by throwing the ball to people on the bases before the runner reaches them.
After 3 outs the teams swap over.
Each team has a turn batting and fielding.
Teams swap over after they have all had a turn batting even if they haven't had 3 outs.

Want to play? Find a club near you by contacting your regional association



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