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If you eat well, sleep well and exercise regularly you'll look good and feel great! We've gathered some information about all of these things to keep you looking good and feeling great.

Water Wise!

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Waterdrop graphic Can you answer these questions about water? When you're finished click here to find the answers

  1. How many glasses of water a day does your body need to keep healthy?
  2. How does water help you to stay on the go?
  3. How much water does a long distance runner need during a race?
  4. Why does water from the tap sometimes look cloudy and then clear up?
  5. Is ice heavier or lighter than water?

Glacier Falls What's so good about water?

  • Water keeps us cool when were hot and can warm us up when we're cold.

  • Water helps us to digest food.

  • Water helps us to flush out toxins that are created in the body during exercise.

  • A person can live for about a month without food but only a week without water.

  • 75% of the human brain is water.

  • 66% of the human body is water.

  • Water is the only thing found on earth that can be found naturally in three forms — solid, liquid and gas.

Make sure you drink lots of water whenever you are active (skateboarding, jogging, swimming, cycling or playing sport). Take a drink bottle with you to sport, on walks and when you're outside on hot days. Remember though — sharing your drink bottle with your mates is a good way to spread bugs and germs. If you can't carry a bottle with you should still make sure you drink enough before, during and after activity.

Why? Your body cannot function when it is lacking water (dehydrated). A small water loss (say 2%) can affect your ability to be active; a large loss of water (say 10%) can cause death! Some headaches are caused by dehydration — if you get head aches often make sure you are drinking enough water and getting lots of fresh air. Want to win a drink bottle?

Wynne Wu Cosgrove Wynnie Wu Cosgrove is an Ultra distance runner, which means she competes in races that take up to 24 hours, if she doesn't drink enough water during a race that long she could die. Wynnie wants to become the best woman in the world to run the 24 hour race — so how is she going to do it?

Wynnie runs up to 250km a week to prepare her body for such a gruelling race (that's like running from Auckland to Kaikohe, or from Oamaru to Christchurch). "I eat plenty of good food like pasta, rice, fruit and vegetables and of course drinks lots and lots of water!" says Wynnie. "I grew up in Hong Kong and when I was a child someone playing with a sword accidentally cut my eye out and now I only have one — having one eye is difficult, you try and shut one eye and walk around it is difficult! This is my handicap but I don't let it get in my way."

Although Wynnie competes in such a demanding sport she believes in leading balanced life. "A clear mind and clear spirit is necessary to combat pain and put away ideas of stopping to rest. Even in a long race my life must be balanced. I must have the correct food and correct water and my husband is always there to get me through the night — I have a very powerful support team." Her support team also includes her two sons Winston (10) and Emerson (4) who often travel with her to races. "Happiness comes from a balanced life and being in a good group. You should work hard, play to win and look after yourself."

Wynnie is travelling to France in August to compete in the 100km World Championships and then to Italy in September to compete in the first ever 24 hour World Championships — to wish Wynnie good luck or ask her questions you can email her at

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Water Wise Answers

  1. Your body needs eight glasses a day to stay healthy — but it needs a lot more if you are doing physical activity.
  2. Water gets rid of toxins (waste) that are created when we do physical activity.
  3. On average a long distance runner needs half a litre per hour of the race.
  4. Water sometimes looks cloudy because it has air bubbles trapped inside it. It turns clear because the air bubbles rise to the top and escape.
  5. Ice is lighter than water — ice floats when you put it in your glass.

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