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Doin' Stuff! is where you'll find competitions and where you can leave us messages or give us feedback. Just write all your competition answers, comments and questions in the box below and click the send button.

Win! Win! Win!
Special Commonwealth Games Competition!
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Winners from last issue

Winning websites!!
Hypergirl and Hyperboy find so many cool websites on the net that they have decided to start a list of very cool sites to keep an eye on!
Our first winning website is:
Upper Hutt Rugby Football Club - click here to see more!
Well done to Steve Blackwell at Upper Hutt Rugby Football Club!

Scavenger Hunt Winners from last issue!
Winners from last issue

World Smokefree Day is on 31st May every year.

5 players and 1 goalkeeper per team can be on the field at once during a game of Floorball.

The 2002 Commonwealth Games run from the 25th July - 4th August 2002.

Congratulations to Mikayla Graham from Feilding, enjoy your prize pack Mikayla!

Trivia Question #5 Winners!
A taiaha is most often decorated with fine carvings and feathers.

Congratulations to
Miriama Wilson, Manurewa, Auckland

Taiwiri Waara, Raetihi

Jennifer Share, Christchurch
Ben Cooper, Wellington

Jenny Stevenson, Christchurch

Joshua Duthie, Waikaka

Lastly congratulations to Samara O'Neill from Palmerston North, our latest spot-prize winner! Thanks for writing in and asking us for information on unusual outdoor sports!

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