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If you eat well, sleep well and exercise regularly you'll be healthy and feel tino pai (great)! We've gathered some information about all of these things to keep you looking good and feeling great.

Hungry—what's so important about breakfast?

Playing Sport Safely

Have heaps of fun while playing sport safely.
Team Sports are exciting and sometimes pretty fast & physical. They are heaps of fun, but getting hurt can take the enjoyment out of the game! To avoid getting hurt follow these simple steps:

Soccer Girl 1) Warm Up/Whakamahana
Make sure you spend at least 5-10 minutes warming up your body before you start a game. Even if it's a hot day you still need to warm up your muscles.
You can:

  • Go for a slow jog, then do 20 star jumps
  • Swing your arms and legs until you feel warm then go through the actions of your sport slowly
  • Do an action song like 'head shoulders, knees and toes' or do 'your ears hang low' and sing along too
More ideas on warming up

2) Tell your coach or Mum & Dad if something hurts—playing sport with an injury will only make it worse.

3) Make sure you have the right safety gear. If you play a sport like soccer and hockey you might want to wear shin-pads (they fit inside your socks to protect your shins from getting hurt). What safety gear do you need to play your sport:

    Safety Gear
  • Mouth guard
  • Shin-pads
  • A helmet or head gear
  • Elbow or knee pads
  • Special shoes (for grip or ankle support)
  • Special clothes (long pants for sliding into base for softballers)
  • Special catching gear (wicket keepers gloves or softball mit) Can you think of any other equipment that makes your sport safer and more enjoyable?

4) Eat at least one-hour before the game and drink lots of water to keep hydrated


Why do I need to eat breakfast?

Breakfast Breakfast kick-starts your body for all the cool stuff you do each day. It gives you energy to walk to school, it helps you to concentrate during class, it makes sure you don't get hungry before play time and can get you out of a grumpy mood in the mornings!

I'm not hungry in the morning—do I still need breakfast? Yes! If you eat just a little breakfast you will still have more energy and won't be so hungry during the day.
If you eat a healthy breakfast your bones will grow stronger, you'll feel more energetic and you won't feel like pigging-out on junk food during the day. Ideas for healthy eating—Breakfast breakthroughs!

What should I eat?
You can choose lots of different things to eat at breakfast time, how about:

  • Fruit and Weetbix with milk
  • Muesli with milk and banana
  • Toast with honey or peanut butter or marmite or jam or tomato
  • Baked beans or spaghetti on toast
  • Poached or scrambled eggs on toast
  • And heaps, heaps more!

Don't forget to have a big glass of milk, water or juice too!

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