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Gavin Larsen

Cricketing great Gavin Larsen helps kids to learn the skills of cricket

There are lots of reasons why you play sport, right? I mean it's fun, it makes you feel good, you learn new things and sometimes you get to win prizes and trophies and stuff.

The main thing I like about being active is hanging out with my friends, that's why I play team sports.

Why do you like playing team sports?

Do top athletes enjoy team sports for the same reasons as you?
Find out what Priya Bhika, New Zealand Junior Hockey Representative, has to say

What so good about team sports?

In sports like netball, touch rugby, softball, waterpolo, rugby, orienteering, hockey, underwater hockey, soccer, waka ama, basketball, rugby league and cricket (you get the picture!) you get to have fun with your friends, learn from them, help them out when they need it and hang out while playing a sport you like.

It's pretty easy to get involved in a team sport, you just have to know who to contact. The right people to talk to can be found on the web (see the links above) or by calling your local sports club or Regional Sports Trust (
Parent coaching

Marlborough Express

Are you at home sick?
It's not a good idea to do lots of running around when your sick but you can still practice & participate at home with virtual sports like these.

I like playing team sports because...

Ashley Young

Ashley Young

"I like playing sport (rugby & soccer) because you meet new people and it's a good hobby." Ashley Young, 12yrs, Christchurch South Intermediate School

"... you meet lots of new people. Basketball is a great sport to play and is one of the most fun team sports I know." Courtney Ford, 12yrs, Christchurch South Intermediate School

"... other people support you when you're not playing well and I also like working with other people." Whitney Henderson, 11yrs, Ashhurst School

"... it's neat to play in a game with your friends and we can help each other out." Ben Kyle, 12yrs, Ashhurst School

Rhys Wilson

Rhys Wilson

"... it is a challenge to get on with people in your own team." Rhys Wilson, 12yrs, Christchurch South Intermediate School

"... it's a team effort win or lose you can't blame one person." Shaun Raumati, 12yrs, Ashhurst School

"... it's neat playing with other people, doing the same thing." Amy Lawrence, 11yrs, Ashhurst School

Ashurst Shirt

Ashurst School's new sports team uniform.

Usually team sports are fast-paced and have some sort of physical contact. In rugby, soccer and hockey you can tackle other players, in basketball, netball, softball and flipperball you aren't supposed to touch the other players but collisions almost always happen.
There are lots of things you can do to keep the game as fast and exciting while being safe
(click here).

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