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If you eat well, sleep well and exercise regularly you'll be healthy and feel tino pai (great)! We've gathered some information about all of these things to keep you looking good and feeling great.

Me whakamarie! Stay Cool!
Feelings and emotions - sometimes they can make life wonderful (getting Christmas and birthday presents make you feel happy and excited) and sometimes they make you feel horrible (being away from home for a long time can make you feel sad and lonely and not getting your own way can make you feel pukuriri/angry).

There is nothing wrong with feeling the way we do - that's what makes us human.
What is important is how we react to these feelings.

How would you feel in the following situations?
You are about to score a goal in your soccer game and someone trips you up on purpose?
Your Mum yells at you and tells you what to do from the sideline during your basketball game?
You come last in your swimming final but you record your fastest time?
You win a game of table tennis against your brother by cheating?
You lose your hockey game and think the referee was favouring the other team?

Angry imageAngry image
Angry image

How would you react to these situations - is your reaction the best way to handle them?
What could you do differently?

The number one rule is to Me whakamarie (Stay Cool)!

How do you react to situations that make you pukuriri/angry?
Do you cry, yell, hit, fight or say mean things? All of these things might seem like a natural reaction to being angry but there are other actions that may help you solve what bothers you better.

How can I tell if I am angry?
For example, here are some other ways you can react to 'losing your hockey game and feeling the referee favoured the other team?

  • Remove yourself from the situation - leave the field quickly and quietly, don't hang around to show the other team your disappointment and anger, it won't change the outcome!
  • Talk to someone - talk to your parents or coach about how you feel and why you feel that way
  • Take responsibility for your actions - did you really lose because of the referee? Think hard before you blame someone else.
  • Learn, don't lose - if you try your hardest and do your best regardless of the score at the end of the game you should feel pleased. You can learn lots of things even if the score board says you have lost - how to play better next time, how to deal with disappointment and how to help & support your team-mates.

Comforting image

Be a good loser!

  • Give it heaps but don't get ugly!
  • Congratulate the other team after the game
  • Thank the referee and the parents who help the games to happen
  • Think about the game, what did you learn from it?
  • Can you do anything different next time to improve?

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