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Pigs playing golf

Looks like fun doesn't it! Well you're right, golf is a fantastic way to have fun while being outside, getting some exercise, hanging out with your friends and filling in your spare time. If you've never played golf before or perhaps you've tried golf and want to learn how to play from an experienced coach then joining a club is the best way to learn how.

Find out where you can learn to play golf:

NZ Golf Association
Womens Golf New Zealand

Golf Quiz
Tiger's Coming

As a beginner you might also want to try Kiwi Golf, it's a fun way to learn how to play and all the equipment is made especially for young people. Ask your teacher to run a KiwiGolf session at school. You can find out more about KiwiGolf through the KiwiSport News or contacting the AMP Golf Foundation.


Kiwi Golf logo

Golf balls are round - right? Well, not always! In Golf Cross the ball is shaped like a rugby ball and instead of hitting it into a hole the aim of the game is to hit the ball through a goal. Inventor of GolfCross, Burton Silver, says that the shape of the ball makes it easier to hit it straight. Find out more about Golf Cross.

Test your knowledge of Golf on the Quick Golf Quiz!
Click here for the answers

  1. How many rules does golf have?

  2. What are hazards on a golf course?
    Flying golf balls
    Bunkers & water hazards
    Trees and bushes
    Golf carts

  3. If my ball is behind a tree and I can't see the hole can I move it?
    Yes, you can move the ball away from the tree until you can see the hole.
    Yes, you can move the ball a golf club length away from the tree.
    No, the ball must be played where it is or for a one-shot penalty you can move it two golf club lengths
    No, you must try to hit the ball

  4. What is a divot?
    A small pin the ball sits on
    A small hole in the ground caused by the golf swing
    A large bag to put golf clubs in
    A large hat to wear while playing golf

  5. Which club do you use to hit the ball a very long way?
    Pitching Wedge
    9 Iron

  6. What is Tiger Woods' real first name?

A big part of the game of golf is 'putting'. This is when the ball is very near the hole on the green. Putting is when you hit the ball gently across the green into the hole. Whether you are an experienced player or have never picked up a club before you'll love MiniGolf - find out where your nearest MiniGolf Centre is and have a go!

Tiger's Coming to NZ!
Tiger Woods, said to be the best golfer in the world, is coming to New Zealand in January 2002. While in New Zealand he will play in the New Zealand Golf Open 10 - 13 January at the Paraparaumu Beach Golf Club, near Wellington. Tiger became a professional golfer in 1996 when he was only 20 years old - that's really young for someone to be so good! Since then he has won 35 tournaments and is the first person ever to hold four major professional titles at the same time.

Read about Rotorua Boys High School World Champion Golf team
More about Tiger Woods
Download virtual MiniGolf

Golf Quiz Answers

  1. 34
  2. Bunkers & water hazards
  3. No, the ball must be played where it is or for a one-shot penalty you can move it two golf club lengths
  4. A small hole in the ground caused by the golf swing
  5. Driver
  6. Eldrick

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