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Do you think you could play the drums for 90 minutes without stopping?
Do you think you could sing, dance and jump around on stage under hot bright lights for that long and keep a smile on your face?

Well that's what Zed does — they're good fun, very talented and have what it takes to make it big in the tough world of music.

Adrian Palmer Adrian Palmer, Drummer — key facts!

Birthday: 28 August 1978
Nickname: Age
When I was at school I loved to:
"Go rock climbing, tramping and do athletics. I loved the outdoors and the natural world, these activities were a great way to get where I wanted to be."
My favourite sports person is:
"Sir Edmund Hillary because he had determination and ability to do what had never been done before."

Adrian reckons you have to be pretty fit to "hit the drums as hard as you can for 90 minutes". So what does he do to keep fit and healthy?

"I walk to band practice instead of driving, go for a run and of course perform on stage. Most of the time I do 30 minutes of exercise a day — although I don't have a systematic way of doing it."

Even when the band is overseas Adrian looks after himself well. "I love to scope out the city or suburb I'm in by going for a walk in the morning. Sometimes we're too busy though, and I'm so tired, but I'll always walk for 20–30 minutes rather than catch a taxi somewhere. I also try to get early nights. If you go out late every night you soon burn out, the novelty wears off too! You really begin to appreciate bed!"

Adrian's message to his Hyperzine fans:

"Appreciate what an amazing country we have, with lots of parks and open space. My Mum always told me that watching too much TV would give me square eyes, I believed her and was constantly checking, then I'd go and play outside."

Nathan KingNathan King, Guitarist/Singer — key facts!

Birthday: 29 November 1978
Nickname: N8Dogg, Spatchy, Reggie/Reginald
When I was at school I loved to:
"Play a range of sports — a little cricket, basketball and rugby, triathlons, cycling and swimming."
My favourite sports person is:
"Michael Jordan for his amazing ability on the court."

Being in a band means Nathan doesn't get much time to play sport anymore. He grabs the chance to snowboard whenever he can but he has cut down on most the sports he played at school. "I enjoyed the solo sports as it gave me time by myself. The team sports were great for making friends and feeling good about yourself when you contributed towards a common goal with other people."

Nathan stays in shape by walking running and swimming. "It certainly helps to be fit, I'm able to move more on stage when I'm healthy and that helps for a better performance."

Nathan's message to his Hyperzine fans:

"There are so many benefits of stayinghealthy and so many negative effects of sitting on your butt all day staring at a screen!"

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