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Floorball | Hockey | Kapa Haka


Are you thinking "What??!... What on earth is Floorball?"

Well, that's what Hyperboy thought when he heard of this new sport so he got on the net and checked out what on earth Floorball is all about.

Hyperboy's description of Floorball:
It's kind of like hockey and ice hockey and roller hockey all mixed into a team sport that's fast, fun and full-on!

The game can be played on any hard flat surface with two goals (like ice hockey goals) at either end. The playing area is marked by a low wall to stop the ball from going out of play. Five field players and a goalkeeper from each team play the game at one time (but the cool thing is that you can have up to 15 subs so you can have lots of rest when you need it!)

The aim of the game is to score more goals than the other team!

All you need to play is...

  • A hollow plastic ball — usually the ball is white, 7.2 cms in width with 26 symmetrical holes in it.
  • A plastic stick — like an ice hockey stick but lighter
  • A referee — for a full list of rules click here

Interesting facts Hyperboy found out about Floorball...

  • Floorball originated in Europe. The game was made an 'official sport' in 1986 when the International Floorball Federation was formed.
  • The first World Floorball Championships were held in 1996 Stockholm, Sweden.
  • New Zealand (2001) and Japan (1983) are among the very few countries that have taken up this sport
  • Floorball has different names in different countries. It is called Innebandy in Sweden and Unihockey in Switzerland. Can you guess what it is called in Finland?

The Men's 4th World Championships 2002 is played in Helsinki, Finland from the 18th — 25th May 2002.


Answer: In Finland Floorball is called Salibandy.

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