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Sportfit programmes - tools and resources

Sport Education in Physical Education

Sport Education in Physical EducationSport Education provides a setting for students to experience all the highs and lows of sport. Rather than simply teaching students the basic skills of a sport and how to play it, sport education allows students to learn to coach, referee, act as duty team, and even judiciary. In sports education students have the opportunity to experience the full dimension of a sport - not just the playing aspect.

The primary objective of sports education is to help students to become skilled sports participants and good sports people. This includes having all people:

  • develop skill and fitness specific to particular sports
  • experience the social and personal values playing a sport can provide
  • be full participants at an appropriate level
  • share in planning and sports administration
  • develop the capacity to make reasoned decision about issues in sport
  • understand and value fair play issues
  • develop and apply knowledge in relation to skill learning, game tactics and strategies, umpiring or refereeing, injury prevention and first aid
  • decide voluntarily to become actively involved in sport outside school hours

Sports Choice

Sports Choice CD Sports Choice is an interactive computer package that enables young people to match their physical attributes and sport preference with potential sport suitability. The programme also provides young people with information about more than 100 sports and details of how to pursue different sporting options in the community.

Sports Choice is:

  • an indicator of fitness and skill
  • a method of identifying sport suitability
  • a database of sporting opportunities in New Zealand

Click on Sports Choice to downloaded this program.

Sport LeaderSport Leader

Sport Leader is a national award. It is for young people aged 15 and upwards who have an interest in sport, fitness and active leisure and want to develop skills which will equip them to take on the many and varied roles available in sport and the opportunity to develop as a leader through sport.

Sport Leader has been developed with the following in mind:

  1. Every young person has the potential to learn and develop leadership competencies.
  2. Young people who want to can learn to be leaders when they have been taught the skills of leadership and given the opportunity to practice what they have learned.
  3. Sport is an ideal vehicle for developing leadership skills in young people. Important life skills can be learned through sport and applied elsewhere.
  4. There are many benefits for all parties involved in leadership programmes.

Sport Leader can help young people gain skills to enable them to become team managers, coaches, team captains, officials, sports administrators or event organisers.

The resource manuals for KiwiSport Leadership and the Core Module can be ordered directly from the Hillary Commission or downloaded by clicking the links below:

Check out the Sport Leader projects for more information.

Schools can register students for Sport Leader by downloading a copy of the form below or phoning the Hillary Commission on (04) 472 8058.

A copy of the form to request certificates for students also can be downloaded:

Totally Outdoors

Totally Outdoors

Totally Outdoors is an outdoors initiative that encourages young people to develop skills, knowledge and confidence to participate in and enjoy a lifetime of outdoor activities. It is aimed at young people in year nine and upward and focuses on participating in a variety of enjoyable and challenging outdoor activities.

Totally Outdoors develops four areas of experience, skill and knowledge:

  • outdoor activity planning
  • environmental care
  • personal growth and group dynamics
  • safety management.

It progresses through 3 stages with increasing responsibility and independence and has a certified award scheme for participants.

Copies of this resource are available for schools (offer only available in New Zealand). Contact:

Sportslink International
Phone: 09 479 4499
Fax: 09 479 2020

To find out more about any of these programmes or products email the Hillary Commission on

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