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Cricketer Matthew Bell

Matthew Bell Matthew Bell is a 21-year-old cricket player from Whangarei. He is now based in Christchurch where he is studying business management at Lincoln University. He would like to work in the field of marketing and sponsorship.

Matthew believes there is life after cricket. He would like a career that he hopes he will enjoy as much as his sport.

Matthew became involved in the game of cricket at a very young age. He attributes his present success to the support he received from his family, friends and teachers from Whangarei Boys High School.

"Cricket is a great way to meet people and make friends. I was away a lot due to my cricket commitments, but through the support of teachers, friends and family I did manage to go right through to the end of seventh form.

"My father was good at cricket and rugby. He is my mentor. I am always discussing my game and ways of improving it with him."

In the summer Matthew spends a lot of time practising in the nets and working out in the gym.

"In the winter I concentrate on planning and thinking about my game and what skills I want to improve."

Matthew also enjoys playing golf, water skiing, and water sports in general. One of his hobbies is playing the piano.

"I learnt how to play the piano at school, now I play it for fun whenever we are on tour and there is a piano we can use."

Some of Matthew's favourite things are his mother's home roast dinners, chicken salad sandwiches and banana cake. His favourite movie is Die Hard. Favourite actors are Bruce Willis and Morgan Freeman. Favourite cricket player is Sachin Tendulker. Favourite colour is blue. His favourite piece of clothing is a black Nike jumper fleece and his favourite television program is Friends.

Matthew supports the Chicago Bulls and the Australian cricket team, "I admire their professionalism, attitude and they way they are so focused on the game."

"I love going home to Whangarei. It is my favorite area of New Zealand. You can step outside your front door right onto the beach."

Recently Matthew was selected for the New Zealand cricket team, after a trial game against Pakistan A.

"It didn't really sink in (being selected) until the day after I had been told. Then I was on a real high."

Matthew said that his first two test matches for New Zealand were disappointing.

"It's just one of those things, sometimes you get a good ball and other times you don't. I have to just take it on board and go back to the basics."

Matthew has played two test matches for New Zealand to date. He hopes to get selected for the New Zealand cricket team for their tours of South Africa and England. He also would love to play in the world cup and commonwealth games teams.

"There is a lot of cricket to be played and I want to be playing it."

"If someone wants to play cricket all they need is an interest in the sport. You do not need any special equipment or clothing, just join a club and go for it. If someone wanted to play cricket seriously, they should remember that people, especially umpires, make mistakes. Pitches can vary and every game cannot be a good game. So, stick at it and don't let small knocks hold you back."

Matthew has a sports motto: if it is to be, it is up to me!

He was also kind enough to tell us about one of his most embarrassing moments. "It started to rain during a game I was playing for Northern Districts against England. While we were off the field I went to the toilet, by the time I came out the game had restarted. They had to stop play, so I could come back on to the field" caught with his pants down!

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